Need Quality PPC?

Setup & Management of Online Advertising Campaigns That Maximize ROI

Our Google PPC optimization services include managing, testing, refining and ultimately maximizing ROI of existing ad campaigns

Richard Vared, Specialist

Where are your customers?

Advertise Locally or Nationwide: We’ll tailor your advertising campaign so that ads will be shown to people just in your town or state, or all around the country.

In addition, we’ll Show your business on Google Maps to reach people who are searching for local services on Google Maps. They’ll see your business highlighted on the map, giving them easy access to your business information, photos, and even reviews.

Need Quality PPC?

New to Pay Per Click advertising?
PPC Works! …and Google will give you $100 to prove it!

Already running a PPC campaign?
We are Certified Google Partners with the insights and expertise to improve your advertising results.

Want to increase conversion rates?
Conversions are all about staying relevant to your consumer market for greater online revenue at your desired ad budget.  We can help you realize rising sales at maximum PPC ROI born by Search, Display, Mobile, Video, and Social ads.

What’s our strategy?
We roll up our sleeves and work diligently refining campaign’s performance to achieve maximum ROI.

Improve Keywords: Thinking like your potential customers, using words they would use to describe your product or service.

Refine Your Bids: Setting different bids for each ad group in your campaign or for individual keywords.

Re-allocate Budget: Since certain groups or keywords are more profitable, we use manual bidding to allocate more of your advertising budget for those.

Create Groups: To reflect the different products and services you offer, we group keywords, ads, with a landing page.

Write Great Ads: Rewrite ads to be more relevant and to-the-point. Each ad will highlight what makes your business, products/service unique; Mention prices, promotions, or special offers; Encourage your customers to take action; and connect your ad to the appropriate landing page.

Monthly Management Service. The primary objective of the PPC manager is to adjust and monitor the ad spends vs. performance to ensure that money is not being wasted on non performing Search Phrases.

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We’ll Succeed Together

As pay per click specialists, we assist businesses improve results from their PPC advertising campaigns. These businesses don’t realize that the default settings in pay per click often cost more. Give us the opportunity to review your current campaign to see if we can improve your ROI or find missed opportunities. You could benefit from:

  • 1 on 1 consultation with an expert who is certified by Google;
  • Increased conversion rates, resulting in higher return on investment;
  • Complete transparency – you’ll retain complete control of your costs associated with your account;
  • You’ll receive notices of changes to Google AdWords and how it might impact your campaign.