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Display image ads within Google’s Search Results


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Connect With Online Shoppers

Want to sell more products online? We’ll advertise your online store, not only by using text and banner or video ads, but also by promoting your inventory showing images of individual ‘For Sale’ items right within Google’s search results pages. Ads will drive traffic and sales to your website or local store by showing online shoppers a picture of your item, its price, your store name and more. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad to visit your website or local storefront where they can buy your item.

As certified Google Advertising Experts with over 10 years experience, we help clients with the complexity of building and managing AdWords advertising campaigns. This allows organizations without advertising expertise to reach, a local or nationwide geographically targeted online audience.

Our pay per click experts provide unique, money-saving, custom PPC programs. Each of your campaigns has unique settings, budgets and performance tracking. This allows to carefully pick a strategy for your Product Listing Ads campaigns according to your business goals. Each campaign uniquely target specific locations and adjust your bids according to your goals. Adjusting your bids will help to effectively reach your target audiences.

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Growing Your Ecommerce Sales

  • Demand: There are millions of people shopping online
  • Retailers: 300% Growth by participating sellers in 2013
  • Technology: We’ll increase revenue using Smart Targeting
  • Solution: Sell Your Products on Google! Using Product Listing Ads to get targeted Google traffic, increase sales by attracting shoppers to your website or local store